TransferTo is a leading Cross-border Mobile Payment and Digital Value Services Network for Emerging Markets.
TransferTo operates a leading global digital value services network. We offer our partners safe and reliable access to mobile value services within emerging markets. Our B2B cross-border network interconnects and provides mobile operators, money transfer operators, retailers, distributors, NGOs and corporates with unparalleled infrastructure and reach, to offer solutions that better connect loved ones across borders.
Founded in 2005, the network spans across 150 countries using 100 currencies and partners with over 600 mobile operators.

“Through our global network, we ensure that our customers have the best infrastructure and reach so they can expand their network and scale quickly and effortlessly.”

Peter De Caluwe, TransferTo CEO

Companies in our Network

Number One Digital Transfer network for
mobile top-ups and data solutions.

Enable real-time cross border payments.

An innovative, date-driven digital financial lender.